Table runner made from knotted fabric strips

My porch needed a good over haul.

After all the rain we’ve seen here in Georgia everything was mildewed!

I white washed my pallet table on the porch. Then Decided to make this!
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Runner made of knotted fabric strands loosely braided secured to a canvas backing.

  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • fabric glue
  • canvas painter tarp or any canvas
  • blue painter tape

I used old clothes, dinner napkins that where stained, old sheets, pillow cases & fabric swatches I scored from a interior designer.

Basically any fabric I could find around the house!


Cut 2 inch wide strips.

CUT, Rip, CUT, Rip CUT!!!!! Whatever the specific fabric will allow you to do.

I recommend a zig zag  cut.

This will avoid having to tie all the ends together as much

– Cut along the long edge then back

-Tie ends together so that you have separate color strand piles.

see below

fabric straids_1000

Make your Strands piles:

  • 1 neutral colors – white, cream and beige.
  • 1 cool colors-  greens yellows etc…
  • 1 warm colors – pinks, oranges & reds



Tape the end of each color strand with blue painters tape.

Secure all three strands together, giving yourself enough space to braid small segments! You will see way.

Braid enough to cover the surface of the canvas size you have cut.

tie your fabric to base

braided fabric straids_1000

Tape the ends of each braid segment with painter tape

glue braid to canvas

Once you have braided enough to cover your canvas surface, glue the braids to the canvas with fabric glue.

I had to trim of some of my canvas.


Secure the end of each braid with needle and thread to the canvas at both ends on the runner


-Use yarn to run around each braid at the ends on each side and tie each off

-Trim any excess braids ends to even


runner flower and table_1000



  1. Candice Candice
    March 18, 2016    

    I am always impressed by what you do. My brain would never ever think of something like that, just doesn’t work that way.

      March 20, 2016    

      Thanks Candice! This project can be made from items everyone has around the house plus a little fabric glue:) Thank you for commenting!

  2. May 12, 2016    

    I love this table runner! You did a fantastic job on it, very pretty and it different from other table runners that I’ve seen. Pinned and adding to my things to make list.

      May 13, 2016    

      Linda, I am so glad you like this project & happy you are going to make one! I love mine. If you want to use the runner on a covered porch, spray it really well with the clear sealer. This will help protect it from molding. Let me know how it goes!

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