Tangelene Lotion Bars

Tangelene Lotion Bars

Ingredients: 2 oz. coconut oil 2 oz. shea butter 2 oz. bees wax pellets 1 tsp.   vitamin E essential oils for scent Tangerine, Lemon,  Grapefruit  soap mold (plastic or silicone) Directions -Fill a sauce pan with about 2″ of water and bring to a boil. Place a mason jar or smaller pot inside (double boiler**) […]

Pallet Tray DIY

Pallet Tray DIY

These are super easy to make!!!! They make great gift with some homemade spa items on them or just to add a new decor item to a room. Things you will need: 1.Scrap floor tile 2. Pallet – You can find pallets everywhere these days. So find one. 3. drawer pulls – If you are […]

Cool Bombs for your sh...

Cool Bombs for your shower or bath

These are wonderful if you have a cold or have been sick. I prefer them in the shower. Because they have peppermint EO in them which creates a cooling element, They will definitely help you breath better! Just put the Cool Bomb under the water in your next shower and enjoy! Ingredients: ·        8 ounces […]

Holiday Gifts Rosemary...

Holiday Gifts Rosemary Kitchen Soy Candles

ROSEMARY and OREGANO SOY CANDLES Items to get: – Soy Find HERE -Wicks Find HERE – Fragrance or Essential Oils I used Rosemary Find HERE & Oregano Find HERE – Fresh Rosemary OPTIONAL -Containers – Found mine on sale at Hobby Lobby *Then I used reactive metal paint to patina them. See info at the end of the directions for what […]

ZEN bombs for bath tim...

ZEN bombs for bath time

These are amazing!!!! Easy to make and will definitely help you relax after a long day at the office! ZEN BOMB RECIPE Ingredients: ·        8 ounces Baking Soda for your skin and the bath water FIND HERE ·        4 ounces Citric Acid for fizz FIND HERE ·        4 ounces Corn Starch FIND HERE ·        4 ounces Epsom […]

Holiday Gifts Dried La...

Holiday Gifts Dried Lavender in small jars

Dried lavender can be used for many different things!!! I have designed a small fold out reference piece to attach to your lavender gift jar. I also made labels for the tops of my jars.  You will need: Dried Lavender Find HERE Small containers with lids – I got mine at Hobby Lobby on Sale Baker’s Twine Find […]

Holiday Mini Rosemary ...

Holiday Mini Rosemary Wreaths instead of bows

These little rosemary wreaths are so easy to make! They make your holiday gifts smell wonderful and look festive at the same time. You will need: a bunch of fresh rosemary. Long pieces are best. Thin green wire (flower wire) Find HERE Baker’s Twine Find HERE Cute little Tags Find HERE 1.Make the size circle you wish your […]

Spa Christmas Presents...

Spa Christmas Presents Vanilla Coffee Sugar Scrub


Spa Christmas Presents...

Spa Christmas Presents Lip Balm

This is a recipe I have posted before but with Wild Orange EO instead of Tangerine EO Wild Orange and Local Honey Lipbalm and Labels RECIPE HERE Change from the manuka honey to local honey (get good local honey) and the tangerine EO to Wild Orange EO Found HERE Pouring tips…. Feel these very carefully with a […]

Christmas Spa Presents...

Christmas Spa Presents Wild Orange and Lavender Bath Salts

SUPER SIMPLE Wild Orange and Lavender Bath Salts Adapted from Marci Swetmon’s Citrus Bath Salts Recipe Item List: 2 Cups of Epsom Salt Find HERE 1 Cup of Baking Soda Find HERE 20 Drops of Wild Orange Essential Oil Find HERE ¼ Cup of Dried Hibiscus Flowers Find HERE ¼ Cup of Dried Lavender Find HERE Containers […]

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