Organizing the office


My office has been the place for everything that we did not know what to do with since before Christmas 2015. So embarrassing……. My son Tucker would jokingly say mom’s new office is the dining room because I was working in the dining room…. so bad.

It was time to reclaim my work space.

Even though the space is not completely done, it is much better already. Painted the god awful yellow walls with a fresh coat of light grey and cleaned out the room to give us more work space.




Added Shelving – Homedepot will cut a sheet of plywood down for you & it is the cheapest shelving solution.


Added 2 desk work areas each with an antique tin magnet board and cork board to organize our art project ideas. One for me and one for my husband John.


A front panel to make the shelf appear thicker.




Made inexpensive magnet board clips with these items IMG_4170

amtique tin magnet board

John and I are both artist. Items need to be right in front of us & easy to access.

Jar holder to put on the wall for storage

Super easy to make just follow the pictures below

Things you will need:

  1. Old Board
  2. Jars
  3. Leather
  4. Screws
  5. Hardware for the back of holder to hang on the wall
  6. Baker’s twine to secure front or you could screw leather  into the back


Drill a hole in each side of your measured out leather strips


Thread the twine through the holes and secure


Remove leather ring from jar and drill a hole through the center of the ring. Then place the screw through leather and drill into wood. Repeat for each

leather jar holder

add hardware to back and hang

harware on mack



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