Mason Jar Citronella Candles


  • – Soy Wax Find HERE
  • -Wicks Find HERE
  • – Cintronella Essential Oil
  • – Mason Jars or any Jar around the house
  • – Thermometer Find HERE
  • – Double boiler and Metal Candle Pitcher (or pyrex measuring bowl with spout in a pot on the stove)  large coffee cans are perfect because it can be tossed after!
  • – Clothes Pins Find HERE or popcicle sticks if your wicks are long enough
  • – Vinyl To create stencil Find HERE
  • a Punch- I used a diamond punch Find HERE
  • Scissors, scrap paper and tape
  • Spray paint


Jar Stencil Instructions:

  1. Make your Stencil by punching the vinyl
  2. Apply the vinyl to the jar and cover the areas you do not want the spray paint to hit by tapping the scrap paper around the jar
  3. Spray the jars with your favorite color spray paint in thin coats so that is does not drip. maybe 3 coats
  4. Remove Vinyl
  5. You are ready to make candles



1. First melt 5 lbs of soy in a double boiler * heat slowly to 180 (this will make about  3–20 oz candles)

2. while the soy is melting you can get you wicks placed in the jars. Position wicks in center with clothes pins or metal wick holder is best

3. Once Soy has reached 180 take it off the stove and let cool to 130

4. Add 3/4 of an ounce of Citronella EO

5. Carelfully pour the soy into the containers and let cool and harden for 24hrs before using

Tip: The first time you use the candles you will want to let it burn for 1 hour before blowing it out. This help the candle burn evenly.

* leave the thermometer in the soy so you can see the temperature go down.


4. When the temp has reach 130 you can add your EO (essential oils) to the wax.

I put 30 drops of each EO



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