Geometric Tile Coasters


Great project for your lift over tiles. The travertine absorbs water and with a cork backing make a decent coaster.

I like geometric designs that do not necessarily represent anything. They just combine color & shapes.

Things you need:

-Inkjet printer
-shipping labels FIND HERE
-matte clear sealer FIND HERE
-elmer’s glue
-matte gel medium (I use liquitex) FIND HERE
-cork for backing
– stick sponges FIND HERE



-Remove and discard the labels from the backing of the shipping labels. You’ll use the backing in order to transfer the ink from your chosen image to your piece of tile.

-Tape any perforated seams on the back of the paper so they do not accidentally break during the printing or application processes

-Coat the label paper with an even layer of  the matte clear sealer

-I With a foam brush, apply a thin layer of  elmer’s glue evenly over the backing and let dry.

-Select the image you would like to print. If your image has text, be sure to flip it using the photo editing software of your choice, otherwise it will come out backwards when applied to the tile (this can be done in word). If you are cutting your image up into shapes like i did, it does not matter if it is backwards.

-Print your image onto the paper, on the side with the dried glue, and be careful not to smudge the image once it’s printed.

-Apply the matte gel to the tile with a foam brush, making sure to thoroughly coat the surface.  (not to thick or it will not dry properly on the travertine)


-While the gel is still wet, apply your image face down on to the tile. Starting from the center and working towards the edges, push out any air bubbles using the gift card as a squeegee. Let dry for an hour and a half

-Slowly peel the paper from tile, revealing the transferred image, and finish with a coat of clear sealer.

-apply cork backing to absorb water that leaks through. Spray sealer on just the image areas and let the coaster cure for 2 weeks before using them.

image image



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