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Pretty much every night after my nightly routine of washing my face, brushing and flossing my teeth then finally laying down to my comfy bed …….1…2…. wait for it….HERE WE GO>>>>> THE LIST THAT NEVER STOPS!!!!

Ladies, it has taken me some time to post this because I have a lot going on, just as all of you do. Getting ready for a joint art show with my hubbie (Opening April 1st LOL…. seriously, it really does open APRIL 1st, 2016) , working all the time in all areas,  bridal shows and an open house for my number one client. My creative mind and energy goes everywhere and has to be on all the time! Just so happens I get ideas when I lay down….

Scrap paper, cool random old magazine imagery, gel pens and WINE!  You my friend, have a fun project to do with your girlfriends.


Try to find all these items around the house. I will also post some links at the bottom if you nee to find stuff:)

-Scrap leather, fabric, newspaper, paper or wallpaper (whatever you have a round the house)

– Thin wood  – Alternatives: thick chip board – which is the back of a spiral notepad or just use cardboard

– Scrap paper or just printer paper

– Cool old life magazines, sewing patterns, newspapers etc…..

– Ruler

– Epoxy (To glue leather to wood )

– Mod Podge (for paper items to be glued to a surface)

– Pencil

-String, Yarn….& Large upholstery needle

– Rip bar…. AKA – piece of wood or metal ruler you can use to rip deckle edges for journal pages (optional)

– Box cutter


First, cut the outside pieces of the journal – Wood or Cardboard

If using wood, you will need to cut the pieces over and over with the box cutter.

Cut front and back sides several times until cut through.

If you are lucky you may have a better way to cut the wood :) These pieces I am using are to small to cut with my miter saw. It is very unsafe to cut small pieces of wood on a miter saw of any other cutting device…..


If you have never use power equipment, get someone else to cut this for you!

We need our fingers to complete the project:)

scorn and cut thin wood_1

Gather a large stack of paper and measure out the size of your journal (keep in mind the outside size).

-Allow 1/4 an inch from the outside to the inside paper.

-Allow a inch or half an inch at the top for binding

mark paper stack to fit wood cuts


create dickled edge by tearing paper by using tear bar

Torn paper stack


Now, put front cover on leather

Place the stack of paper

Now place the back cover

TEST the material before adhering

Make sure it folds over evenly and trim excess sides


find fabric or leather and cut to size

Adhere just the leather to wood with epoxy (read instructions)

Let set

attach with epoxy

place fabric or leather

Place center paper into glued journal and drill 4 holes

distribute the holes evenly


jotter_hole drilled2_1000

See DIAGRAM BELOW ON HOW TO BIND /SEW THE THREADING through the 4 drilled holes

Book BInding llustration






Collage it…..

With old newpaper, magazines, paint it and draw on it…. Pretend it’s your high school journal. Have fun with it!

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