DIY table arrangement with antlers


This is really easy to assemble and I feel silly even giving instructions on how to make it.  The inspiration behind making this is the antlers. I just love the boho look of floral & greenery with Antlers!

Things you need:


-Round tin container line with Surrand wrap secure with ducktape

-Scissors or clippers

-Oasis Wet floral blocks

-Clippings from your yard

-Herb clippings

-I also used fake succulents

-Fresh Flowers (optional)

-Flower wire for the wreath surrounding the tin




Make sure you soak the oasis in water. I use a gallon zip lock bagimage

Build up the container with clippings and floral.

I started from the left and stuck clippings in at an angle to the right, slowly filling the container long stems on the out edges and shorter in the middle. Mix the greenery textures and color evenly.



I made a wreath of clipping and the bright purple floral to go around the outside using the flower wire.


  1. May 10, 2016    

    Loooove this! I am just curious where I can buy Antlers? Thanks for this!

      May 11, 2016    

      I picked mine up at a local antique/oddity shop:) glad you like the post!

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