DIY Small Container Storage


Small container storage solutions from all those Christmas tins you do not know what to do with!!! PACK, STACK AND STORE Re-label with chalk when needed!

This project is super easy!


  • Any tins you have around the house. I have tons of Christmas tins twith wording or holiday images on the outside. I just could not throw them out!
  • Chalk Paint FIND HERE I got a quart – it’s always good to have around the house
  • Glue or strong adhesive that bonds to metal & fabric. I used E6000 FIND HERE
  • Velcro – Industrial Strength is always best or you can glue it on with the adhesive to make sure it is not going anywhere. FIND HERE
  • Clothesline Rope for handles – Rope handles are perfect for attaching the PACK A SNACK container to your bike for a ride to the park. FIND HERE
  • Leather or fabric for hinges and closures – Even buttons, if you want to drill holes in the tin & run a wire threw the container to secure the button.



  • First Paint the tins – I left some of the cool patterns unpainted & just painted the lids. 2 coats
  • Next cut and glue on a closure & hinge for each container – I did not put these on my round tins
  • Once dry attach the velcro to the closure – Secure with E6000 if needed.
  • Use the clothes line rope to make a handle by knotting the ends together – Make sure to measure out the amount you will need to wrap around you tin and cross under like the picture shows.

IMG_4387vert 1000



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