Envelope liner tutorial

I am a collage artist, so as you can imagine I love old vintage magazines and unique historical imagery. Today I decided to scan in a old magazine, a vintage almanac & a couple old fashion ephemera magazine pages to use in my envelope liner tutorial.


I’ve included downloadable templates for each of the most commonly used envelope sizes A2, A6 or A7 envelopes.

You can download the template and image of your choosing separately. Then place them together in your word program or download the images I used for the tutorial with the template already placed on the image.



  • – This tutorial will be for a A2 envelope liner. Download my images with template  here: Vintage Fashion Image or Meal Calendar Image  Envelopes: Find the kraft A2 envelopes I used here
  • If you want a different size A2, A6 or A7 envelopes (just click on the size you want and save as a png. file on your computer)
  • Paper to print your liner on – I used a recycle regular text weight paper Find the recycled printer paper here
  • Elmer’s glue double sided tape or glue dots
  • cutting base or just card board
  • exacto knife with new blade – You can use scissors.  If you want nice even straight lines use an exacto.
  • Metal Ruler

If you would like to use different images and sizes together see downloads below:

Liner Images:   Image 1  | Image 2 | Image 3

Envelope Templates:  A2 png template file  |  A6 png template file  |  A7 png template file



  • First, download image & liner
  • Next, print the image/template
  • Then, use your exacto knife and metal ruler to cut out your liner. Make sure to cut on a cutting board or cardboard.
  • Lastly, insert the liner into envelope and use the Elmer’s glue tape or glue dots to secure the liner in place. Fold the flat over and smooth.
  • See video below



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