Chill Pill Bath Bomb


My Chill Pill  bath bomb has Lavender and Roman Chamomile EO in them. These EOS make an amazing duo, that will chill you out before bed so that your brain can stop and your body can rest!



·        8 ounces Baking Soda for your skin and the bath water FIND HERE

·        4 ounces Citric Acid for fizz FIND HERE

·        4 ounces Corn Starch FIND HERE

·        4 ounces Epsom Salts FIND HERE

·        3/4 tsp. Water (a spray bottle is handy when mixing the ingredients)

·        2 tsp. Essential Oil for scent I choose: Lavender Find HERE and Roman Chamomile HERE 

·        2 tsp. “light” almond oil FIND HERE

·        Plastic craft ornaments. Clear plastic molds for making your own Xmas ornaments. You need the type with 2 halves which snap together. Makes perfect sphere shapes. FIND HERE


·        mix all dry ingredients EXCEPT citric acid in a large mixing bowl  (salt, baking soda, cornstarch)

·        in a separate small bowl, mix water and oil

·        mix wet and dry

The mixture should feel and look like wet sand.  When you squeeze some in your fist, it should hold together.  If it doesn’t, add water a few drops or sprays with your water bottle at a time until desired consistency is reached.

·        add citric acid and mix again  (do NOT use your hands at this point as the pure citric acid is harsh)

·       then tightly pack it down into your each mold with a spoon and close the 2 sides together

·        let dry 24 hours

I recommend not removing from the mold until the mixture is completely dry.  It may help to try and take off half the sphere and allow it to dry even more before trying to remove the sphere after 24hours. Depending of your ingredients & how much water you use it may need longer to dry.





I painted a strip of acrylic paint on the bag before placing the label on to add a cool element to the packaging.

I used a full label sheet and cut mine out. FIND HERE

these labels may need to be trimmed depending on the length and width of the white acrylic strip you paint




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