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DIY pocket template 3&...

DIY pocket template 3×5

Pick an image, click on it then save it. Print on the paper of you choosing.

DIY Small Container St...

DIY Small Container Storage

Small container storage solutions from all those Christmas tins you do not know what to do with!!! PACK, STACK AND STORE Re-label with chalk when needed! This project is super easy! ITEMS YOU WILL NEED:  

Envelope liner tutoria...

Envelope liner tutorial

I am a collage artist, so as you can imagine I love old vintage magazines and unique historical imagery. Today I decided to scan in a old magazine, a vintage almanac & a couple old fashion ephemera magazine pages to use in my envelope liner tutorial. I’ve included downloadable templates for each of the most commonly used […]

Soy Candles with chalk...

Soy Candles with chalkboard lid

   LID DIRECTIONS: apply chalk paint, 2 coats Download and print transfer image DOWNLOAD MY BANNER IMAGE HERE Trim around the image and cut a piece of the white chalky sewing transfer paper. Put transfer paper on the bottom touching the tin surface then printed image on top, tape down. Trace the image Now draw […]

Vintage Tin Planter

Vintage Tin Planter


Re-purposed rusty chan...

Re-purposed rusty chandelier to front citronella candle holder

It is almost time to worry mosquitoes again!!! My son Tucker and my husband John do not seem to ever be affected by them but I am. I have started to strategically put citronella stations at all my hangout areas around my home. Sometimes I get real hard core and make my own citronella candles:) […]

Table runner made from...

Table runner made from knotted fabric strips

My porch needed a good over haul. After all the rain we’ve seen here in Georgia everything was mildewed! I white washed my pallet table on the porch. Then Decided to make this!   Runner made of knotted fabric strands loosely braided secured to a canvas backing. NEED LOTS OF FABRIC -NEUTRAL, COOL & WARM […]

Spruce up the front po...

Spruce up the front porch with clippings from your yard!

    It is warm in Georgia, that means there are beautiful blooms in your backyard just waiting to be clipped. They are perfect for throwing together an amazing arrangement to place on the porch table. -I bought some cheap flower styrofoam to anchor the stems -Lined my container with a ziploc bag to protect […]

Dream Journal – ...

Dream Journal – Finally, a place to write ideas that keep me up at night

Pretty much every night after my nightly routine of washing my face, brushing and flossing my teeth then finally laying down to my comfy bed …….1…2…. wait for it….HERE WE GO>>>>> THE LIST THAT NEVER STOPS!!!! Ladies, it has taken me some time to post this because I have a lot going on, just as […]

Chill Pill Bath Bomb

Chill Pill Bath Bomb

My Chill Pill  bath bomb has Lavender and Roman Chamomile EO in them. These EOS make an amazing duo, that will chill you out before bed so that your brain can stop and your body can rest! CHILL PILL BATH BOMB RECIPE Ingredients: ·        8 ounces Baking Soda for your skin and the bath water FIND […]

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17 years of experience as a graphic designer and studio artist has given me a hunger to freely create with NO client agendas & NO strict project deadlines. The focus for my blog LOVE of DIY, is to deliver creative and fun projects that have easy step by step instructions. Enjoy and Share Love of DIY!

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