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Hello I’m Amber – a graphic designer, artist, mom, wife, DIY enthusiast and music lover.
I’m also a terrible speller, horrible at grammar and still I enjoy blogging about my DIY projects, just not as eloquently written as other bloggers. I apologize in advance for future and possibly current mistakes that exist and will definitely happen with my awful writing skills :)

How I became fascinated with DIY…..

I grew up on a farm right outside of Madison Georgia, in a area called Buckhead. Yeah, there is a Buckhead in Atlanta. This however, is an entirely  different Buckhead all together! Because nothing and I mean nothing was close to where I grew up.  As you can imagine I became good at producing my on little world with things I’d find. Finding ways to create what I would dream up in my mind became a game. I guess you can say that since I was a little girl, I’ve enjoyed re-purposing, building, staging and designing interior and exterior spaces or environments. I have also enjoyed producing collage art, drawing and painting. It was a no brainier what degree to presume in college. I have BA in Art under the study of graphic design. My very first graphic design job was at a local carpet factory when I was 19. Since then, I’ve had experience in pretty much every graphic field out there.

Wither I have just finished a new piece of art or a cool DIY project, there is always another project brewing or going on at the same time.
Creating makes me very happy!


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17 years of experience as a graphic designer and studio artist has given me a hunger to freely create with NO client agendas & NO strict project deadlines. The focus for my blog LOVE of DIY, is to deliver creative and fun projects that have easy step by step instructions. Enjoy and Share Love of DIY!

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